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We all have stories that must be told


I always have done a lot of writing, usually in connection with my work as activist and educator.
Gradually, I have turned to forms that allow greater creativity, such as memoir and, more recently, fiction.



Forthcoming from New Village Press, July 2019

From Chapter 1, Riposto

From Chapter 2, The Best Hospital

Keep checking this site for updates on the publication of this book



Second Prize in Creative Non-Fiction
Women's National Book Association Annual Writing Contest, June 2016
Included in the WNBA Anthology Winning Writings
forthcoming from C&R Press, Spring 2019



CHANCE ENCOUNTERS and Everyday Occurrences
(of the stereotypical kind)

I Do Not Allow Myself to Be Carried
Get Rid of My Wheelchair?
My Situation
Great Muscles
The Evil of Disability
On the Bus
Blue Eyes
Crossing the Street




Older works



in Mothers and Daughters with Disabilities
Premiere Women's Center, 2004



DISABLED WOMAN: The Forging of a Proud Identity, 1998
This is a Keynote Address delivered on October 2, 1998 at South Connecticut State University Women's Studies Conference "Fulfilling Possibilities: Women and Girls with Disabilities." The paper has been used in Disability Studies Courses, quoted and referenced in research papers and dissertations as well as online webwites and blogs.





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