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I've been teaching all of my adult life. I taught Italian Language and Literature at various universities. Since I was born and raised in Italy, teaching Italian seemed like the most natural thing to do.

For much of my life I had two identities: Italian teacher and disability rights activist. Oh, they overlapped at times, of course. I always tried to recruit the disabled students on campus into the movement and I used my teaching skills, I'm sure, in my activities in various organizations.

Then I decided to merge these two identities and I started teaching Disability Studies.

The course "Celebrating Differences: Disability Culture" is one of the courses I developed and taught at the New School for Social Research. I taught the course online as well as in the classroom.

I'm no longer teaching--at least not officially. But once a teacher... These days, because of post polio and the passing years, my energy is limited. I've had to learn to prioritize: put the energy where it's needed most.

The old website for "Celebrating Differences" is still up there. You're welcome to browse through it.



Celebrating Differences: Disability Culture
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