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Nadina under arrest being carried away by police


I don't remember how many times I've been arrested. I lost count years ago. Unfortunately such dramatic actions are necessary to get our struggles to the attention of government, the media, the general public.

I wish we could stop fighting. But so many of our people are incarcerated in nursing homes and other institutions, so many are living below the poverty level, so many are being denied basic human rights... The promise of equality of the Americans with Disabilities Act remains unfulfilled... We live in an "ableist" world. We face prejudice and discrimination in every area of our lives on a daily basis...

When it seems we're making progress, we suddenly find ourselves having to fight just to hold on to what we've gained.

We have no choice. Activism must come first.

Following are some links to websites, articles. and videos.


Joining Forces to Be Stronger by Nadina LaSpina, December 5, 2012

VIDEO - Neoliberal Assault on Disability Rights Panel discussion
New York University, Oct. 4, 2012


VIDEO - Speech I gave at the 2018 Women's March in NYC.


VIDEO - Speech I gave at an ADA rally in 2009. Still rings true.





For ADAPT's 25th Anniversary
I Was There: 1999 - Washington - Nadina LaSpina

Action Journal - Nadina LaSpina - February 27, 2005

Action Journal - Nadina LaSpina - March 24, 2004

On an ADAPT Action (2001)



WEBSITE - Disabled In Action

TLC Sit-IN (2002)
Remembering Justin (2002)
Happy Birthday ADA (2000)
Supreme Court Rulings: Victory and Defeats (1999)
Don't Tread On The ADA (1999)
We Want To Live (1997)
We will RIde (1996)
They Don't Want To Be Like Us(1995)
Anti-Telethon Protest (1994)



ABLE NEWS articles
ADAPT Demands - November 2005
ADAPT Calls on Bush - April 2004
Civil Rights Director Meets ADAPT - January 2003
ADAPT Visits DC - June 2002
NY ADAPT Targets Pataki's Office - February 2001





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